Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Katie

Katie is 4!

Katie, we love you SO much!  You bring us so much joy.  You have a timely sense of humor, big beautiful eyes that tell a story on their own, a willfulness that when directed positively will help you to accomplish greatness.  You are vivacious and tenderhearted.  It is difficult to get a good picture of your beautiful face while you are in your "shy" phase.  I will continue to encourage you and I know you will come out of it soon enough.

What a blessing that your sister is your best friend.  You love imaginative play with your dolls, and although you could entertain yourself for hours at a time, your enthusiasm encourages your (more analytic) sister to play with you.  I love this picture where I caught you and Abby holding hands at the aquarium.

Katie and Abby "scared" of the albino crocodile!

You are such a ham, and although you say hilarious things ALL the time, I can never remember what you said exactly to tell others.  Because, it's not so much what you say, as it is how you say it.  You have great comedic timing! And your expressions say more than your words.  

My favorite thing you do (and have done for a while now) is how you pray.  In your tiny little voice, you will pray for every member of our family-by name.  You pray for your friends AND their families-by name.  And every now and then you add "pray for the trees" or "pray for the windows", "pray for dance class & Abby's school", or any other random thing that comes through your mind as you sit their with your eyes shut tight.  More recently, you have cleverly, added..."and, I just pray for the whole world" to make sure you don't leave anything out.  You're so precious Katie!

As your daddy and I put you to bed tonight I gave you 3 big kisses and reminded you that this was your last night as a 3 year old.  You said, "it is!?...tomorrow I'll be 4...when will I be 5?"  Oh Katie, please don't grow up too fast.  Tomorrow you will be 4, and we will cherish each day as it comes, as you learn, and as you grow. 

I love you so much sweet girl!  

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