Sunday, August 21, 2011

Big girls don't cry

Katie got her ears pierced!  She was so brave!  -braver than I was as a little girl.  Although, I would like to think that the technology has improved. ;) 

She sure can shed some tears when necessary, so I was certain after the first ear it would take some coaxing to get her through the second.  But I was wrong.  She can be stubborn, or determined rather.  She can be strongly determined either for or against whatever she puts her mind to (I don't know where she get's that from).  In this case, she was determined to be brave because she was too excited to wait any longer.

My baby girl is growing up.  So I will hold in my tears and be brave like my Katie.

Friday, August 5, 2011

My sweet boy

Wesley is now 4 months old.  I know at this point there is not a whole lot a baby can do..leaving very little to write about. But this blog isn't so much for you my reader as it is for my boy. 

Wesley, you fill my heart up.  I love spending time with you: tickling you making you laugh & "talk".  I have prayed over you since your daddy and I found out you were coming.  I have prayed for God's protection, health, for a gentle spirit, and many other things.  You are such a sweet baby.  You make everyone feel so special with your big smile.  I love that you smile with your whole wiggle with excitement and your eyes are so full of joy. 

Your sisters absolutely adore you.  And other than the "accidental" hair pull, you love all the attention they give you.  When I look at you sometimes, I remember holding Abby and Katie when they were your size: singing to them, tickling them, bath time, tummy time and even the fussy moments and a few long nights...and I cherish it all.  I LOVE who they have become and the fun and challenging days that have brought them to where they are now.  And I look forward to growing with you and seeing you through those fun stages of childhood.

You look so much like your daddy, and I hope you're just like him when you get older.  He is a great man of God, a quiet & gentle leader, an excellent father & husband.  He knows how to look at himself and situations and make changes for the better.  You have an excellent example in your daddy!  And I am so thankful for that. 

You're such a good baby!  You have 2 teeth already, they both came in this week.  And rather than fussing and doing the normal baby stuff during this tough milestone, you practically slept through it!  You seriously slept your usual 12 hr night plus 3 solid naps.  I'm thankful and flabergasted at how great of a baby you are.  I have no doubt that at some point in your life you will jokingly rub that in your sister's faces. :)  But be nice because they will remember how much you spit up!!  Seriously, I don't know how you have those chunky legs when you seem to spit up more than you take's unbelievable!

My girls have taught me so much about myself and parenting, and my boy will bring new learning experiences into the mix.  I look forward to the adventure! But take your time sweet boy...please take your time.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Little Surfer Girls

We are truly enjoying some fun family time this week!  Jessie is getting his work done as quickly as possible so he can come play at the beach with us.  Abby & Katie are LOVING going out on the board with their daddy!  I took these pictures yesterday with my phone, but I really wish I had my camera this morning when we were out there.  Abby and Jess were on the board and two beautiful dolphins came by not even 15 feet away from them. The dolphins were splashing each other with their fins. Later, I wish I had seen it, but my girls were out there with my parents and they said the dolphins came back and were jumping and splashing their tails like they were playing and just showing off.  So fun!  


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