Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Say Cheese

Ok, so I said the other day after my post about our crazy busy day that I would share the photos from our photo-shoot once the grandparents had seen them.  Well, here they are!  
Allow me to warn you though, this post is all about my 3 little ones...just lots of unbelievable cuteness [says their mother].  




My husband has tried to convince the girls that he is a superhero.  This began almost 2 years ago and has been an ongoing debate.  It started when we were watching "The Invincible's" one evening and Jessie told the girls he was a superhero.  They didn't believe him and had dozens of questions.  Shortly after, he disappeared, and we were all startled as he returned by leaping over the stair rail and somersaulting onto the bed decked out from head to toe in a black ninja costume.  He swore them to secrecy.  But occasionally the questions pop up again, "is daddy a superhero?", "what is his super-power?", "he can't fly".  Abby, our 5 year old, asks most of the questions and is convinced daddy is not a superhero, but she continues to ask questions.  I think it's adorable!

The thing is, he really is a superhero.  One day they will look back and realize that. Their daddy loves the Lord.  He is a fairly quiet man, but his faith is real and settled deep in his heart.  More than anything he loves spending time with his kids.  He is an excellent example of the kind of man our girls should desire to marry one day, and the kind of man Wesley can be for his wife and family.  He and I have a very real relationship, with tiffs and difficult conversations, but we work through things together, trusting the Lord almost every step of the way (I say almost, speaking for myself, because I can respond "in the flesh" sometimes).  We are equally corny and each others best friend!  We have been through some stressful financial struggles these last couple of years, but we stayed in agreement and stayed strong because our marriage is not based on circumstances, but the foundation of our marriage is the Word of God.  Jessie works hard to provide for our family, working 2 jobs, thankfully one of which is at home.  In addition he is pursuing something he has always been passionate about in law enforcement.  He is taking classes 2 nights a week for 4 months so he can volunteer with the local police department, because he has a desire to help people.

See, their daddy is a superhero, he is a SuperDad!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Adventures of Mommyhood

When I was little I was pretty daring for a girl...I played with the boys climbing trees, trekking through the woods, digging forts.  I did some fairly sneaky things just to see what would happen, like pouring bleach in our neighbors washing machine, disguising cooled grease as mashed potatoes and making someone eat it, stealing candy from the "general store" at our Gospel Bill vacation Bible school...oh! and I put sugar water in a skin-so-soft spray bottle and told the boys it was bug repellent.  I don't know why I did any of those things, but fun was had, punishment was given, and lessons were learned.  I was a bit fearless though even as I got older, wanting to take on the biggest roller coaster or free-fall contraption, and I know I would have jumped out of a plane if I had the opportunity.  But after a few decades of reason and common sense I would not be so quick to take on the sky, entrusting my life to a device harnessed around my body.

Nope, instead I have chosen the adventurous life of mommy-hood!

So, yesterday I endeavored to take my 3 under 5 out for the day.  We have done this before, but the difference this day was I was attempting to take them for professional pictures.  If you're a mom, you know what this means...everything that could have spilled or messed up before leaving the house--DID.  Once we left the house we had an errand on the way which directed us through the Chic Fil A drive-thru.  I was clever enough to NOT request sauce of any kind, however the chocolate milk (what was I thinking?!) ended up on Abby's white & tan shirt she was to wear in the pictures.  The chocolate milk blended rather nicely into Abby's shirt--thank God!  Katie's outfit I got the night before didn't fit, so we were also going by Old Navy to exchange for something else.  Mind you this stop involved getting the stroller out & into the vehicle with all 3 children in tow.

Once we got to the studio, I had to feed Wesley while the girls waited patiently. Pictures went very well but took forever!  I had to feed Wesley again before leaving.  (I will post some of my favorites once the grandparents have seen them)

Next stop was Babies R' Us for a quick merchandise return before a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.  We were too early for the party, so the kids and I browsed through the baby store for a little bit until I heard crackling thunder and a torrential downpour coming from outside!!  We have been in the middle of a drought for like a month, and the sky breaks loose while I'm in a store right across the parking lot from where we need to be like, now!  We waited...and waited...but it wasn't letting up.  This was supposed to be a quick trip into the store, so all I had was my purse and Wesley is perched in his carseat on the shopping cart.  So, we took off our shoes and I kept the girls close to the buggy as we quickly pushed Wesley toward the car...but not before Abby falls and scrapes her little foot.  Ugh!  Keep running I told her...and she's crying the whole way to the car.  I dried off the kids and we drove over to Chuck E Cheese across the lot.

Here we hovered in the back of the van waiting for a break in the rain, but we had to make another run for it.  I changed Wesley and strapped him to me in his carrier.  We searched the car and found a broken kiddie umbrella--sweet!  We're good to go...and we ran/walked quickly indoors...to the calm & serene atmosphere of...Chuck E Cheese!!  (note sarcasm) The party was fun and I'm blessed with great kids: Wesley didn't cry or whimper one time, and the girls had a blast.  We got home to daddy (who if you were wondering was at work and class all day while we were on this adventure) around 9pm and everyone crashed!

All in all it was a crazy busy day, and days like these are thankfully few and far between, but fun was had, punishment was giver, and lessons were learned.  I am glad that I have a bit of an adventurous spirit somewhere deep inside, or we would never have survived our crazy day.   And I am so very thankful that I have children who listen and obey (for the most part), which makes days like that a little easier to manage.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Our girls have been taking dance together this (school) year.  Abby & Katie know how to play!  They draw and play house or school most of every day.  But in-between, these girls dance!  Music or no music, they will break out into dance at any given time.  Katie (our 3yo) cannot walk from point A to point B without a hop or a twirl or exaggerated hand/arm movements.  It's hilarious!

This is Abby's 2nd year, but the 1st year Katie has been almost old enough, she started at 2 just before her 3rd birthday.  Tonight they had their dress rehearsal for the recital tomorrow.  

All dolled up for their ballet routine

We are not allowed to shoot photography or video during the recital, but we can at the dress rehearsal, so you get a sneak peak. This is their ballet routine to "Tomorrow".  The tap routine (which I will not be uploading for time-sake) is to "Mary Had a Little Lamb".  

I just love how Katie is watching Abby so closely.  It melts my heart!!

So, "Tomorrow" is their recital.  And "Tomorrow" will mark the end of their potential at becoming a professional dancer as we will not be continuing dance next school year.  That is, unless they express that they 'can't live without it'...but neither of them feel that way right now.  Actually, they are both very interested in gymnastics...we shall see.  However, they have learned some basic skills and had a great time together as they attended class each week.  They LOVE their teacher, and have made some great friends.  I too have enjoyed visiting with the other moms each week and making some good friends.  
It has been a fun year.

TuTu Cute

I had a little project I have been holding on to for a while.

The girls made their own tutus!

Abby got the hang of it very quickly!

She did all of the loops & knots by herself.  All I had to do was cut the tulle. 

I made the loops for Katie and she tightened the knots of the tulle.

She did a really good job!

They were very excited to wear them to dance class that night (until they realized how itchy they were).  We still have to embellish them with ribbons and things, but we were glad to get them finished in time for class.

In case you were wondering, these were just the shoes they picked to wear TO class, since we don't wear the dance shoes outside the school.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Little Entrepreneurs

We had a community yard sale on Saturday.  Our girls got very excited about having their own lemonade stand.  I told them they could keep whatever money they made.  They LOVED that idea!  I said you can save it or use it for something you've been wanting.  Abigail said well, we need to give "Jesus money" too. (That's what they call tithe at Faith Kidz at our church).  I was so proud! :)  So I said yes, you and Katie can give "Jesus money" and you can save the rest.  I asked what she would want to save it to get.  She responded quickly "DISNEY WORLD!".  More excitement followed.  Oh dear...well, this is something Jessie and I have discussed for a while, but their enthusiasm prompted us to start a savings specifically for Disney World. :)  

I have recently been trying to think of ways to show them the value of being a good steward of money and this seems like a great family lesson in saving for something special, rather than giving in to impulsiveness.  

I'm not sure where it came from, but I had some lemonade and 
cups in the pantry, so there was no cost involved in this venture.  So the girls got busy making a sign!  They each drew their own versions of Minnie & Mickey Mouse on their sign.  Abby proceeded to decorate a lipstick shaped bank with a smaller sign which says "Disney World Fund".  They do know that it will take a while to save the money for Disney World, but we figure they will enjoy the journey saving and appreciate the trip even more when we get there, since we as a family worked on it altogether.  Oh, and I should add, they sold their lemonade for .50 cents and made $15.00 in pure profit!  

More Recent Pictures:
Katie (mid-yawn) chilling with her baby brother
Abby & Ava (& Granny) picking strawberries
Katie at the strawberry patch
I hope these girls will be friends forever!!
Abby & Wesley (he's getting soo big!)
Katie & Wesley
Our Three! 
2 Months Old!
Abby's first practice session with no training wheels!!
Birthday Boy!!  I can't believe my little nephew is ONE!!
GREAT picture of Abby with Aunt Amanda!
Katie riding Ethan's pony at the birthday party
Puppy Pancakes by request (and some mickey one's too)


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