About Me

Raised in the south, I am a jeans an flip-flops kind of girl.  I feel slightly overdressed if I wear a necklace AND earrings. I keep a comfy home with my husband Jessie.  We were married in 2003 in the gardens at Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, SC.  And yes, I wore flip flops with my gorgeous dress!  

My husband Jessie is my best friend.  I knew--we both knew--not long after we first met that we were going to be together forever.  We have been married for over 8 years now.  He challenges me and encourages me and our love for each other has only grown stronger over the years we have been together.

We have 2 girls: Abby & Katie.  They are as sweet as they are beautiful!  They are 20 months apart, so our girls are very close and make each and every day fun, anything other than quiet, and full of lots of love.  

Wesley is our baby boy.  He changes so much everyday, but one thing that remains the same is his sweet, joyful nature.  The girls adore him and he just eats up all the attention.  He crawls all over the place and keeps us all on our toes.  

Our even newer addition is our dog Marley.  We adopted him in September 2011. He is a full-grown Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (a special blessing you'll read about in my blog).  He is such a great addition to our family!

I love my family--extended and all!!  I love the Lord and I don't mind sharing that with you.  My blogs are mostly about things I'm learning, things that go on in our daily life, or complete randomness with a touch of sarcasm.  I hope you enjoy and will follow and comment as you are encouraged or amused.  


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