Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh boy! It's a boy!

 Less than 2 weeks ago, we welcomed our son Wesley into the world.  It didn't take long at all for me to see how a little boy will immediately capture his mommy's heart.  I have 2 girls , 5 and 3 1/2, and they are the sweetest, most loving little girls.  And now my son is looking at me with his dark blue eyes as if he's wondered what I look like as much as I have wondered the same about him.  He has my heart!

Wesley Ray Boldin
9lbs 2oz, 20.5"
born 4-4-11
We meet at last!!
We couldn't be happier meeting our son!
Ready to take my son home!

Our girls are so excited about their baby brother.  The carefully hold him and give him plenty of kisses and hugs. Katie, my 3 year old, will walk up and say "he is so tute", or "he is so beautiful".  Abby says that "he is too cute, we should have more babies".  I couldn't be happier with how well-received he has been by his older sisters.  

Proud Big Sisters & their Little Brother

Now as a family of 5, adjustments are necessary.  I struggle with underestimating how long it takes to get ready or to get places. Now with a new infant in the house, I have to allow even more time for accidents: last minute diaper changes, little boy sprinkle-incidents, or spit-up (aka: geysers).  Despite the difficulties, I am cherishing these moments because each day our baby is changing, growing, learning and I know now from experience how fast this time will pass. 

Family of Five

Thank God my recovery, although very sore from the c-section the first week, has gone smoothly. Since Wesley was born, I could not feel more loved and cared for as I have been.  My husband, first and foremost, is the hardest working yet most family oriented person I know.  He works his butt of with a full time job, our side business, and now taking care of all of my delivery, activity, and errand duties while I am not allowed to drive, as well as helping with the girls and keeping the house picked up.  And he still finds time for fun and relaxing with all of us.  I'm still handling emails and ordering for the business and I am looking forward to being back on the road so I can relieve Jessie a bit.  My family, namely my mom, sister and mother-in-law have been an incredible help and support: getting me to and from appointments and helping with the kiddos and our newby while I am adjusting to being a mommy of 3.  My friends from church are incredible!  They have brought meals, call or text often to check up on me, or visit--knowing how necessary socialization is after a new baby.  I feel so blessed by you all!  I love you guys!!  

Here are some more sweet moments captured on camera:

Father & Son
Abby & Katie meet Wesley
Katie holds her brother for the firs time as Abby supervises. 

Abigail is so proud of her little brother.

She's so silly!

Katelyn is so fascinated with her baby brother!

I love my 3 little ones!

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