Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Armed and Adorable

I mentioned in one of my very first blogs, Change in Seasons, about my husband pursuing the police reserves program.  I'll admit it was something I was very uneasy with at first.  I knew classes were to begin right around the same time Wesley was expected to arrive last spring.  Thankfully, there was a delay that put the classes off just long enough for us (me really) to recover and adjust to our new life with 3 children.

Jessie attended classes 2 nights a week for nearly 4 months and some Saturdays.  He studied a lot and attended his classes faithfully, while working full time, and running the machinery for our side business, and being tremendously helpful with the kids as always.  He didn't view it as a sacrifice so much as an investment in his dream.  He has a strong desire to help others and this is something he has talked about for a long time.

As I said before, I wasn't settled with the idea at first.  I was worried about the time the classes would take, getting three children ready for bed 2 nights a week all by myself, and lots of other selfish thoughts that didn't serve any purpose whatsoever.  I was stopped in my tracks one day...I was so upset and was whining and venting my frustrations out loud (no one else was around) and a supernatural peace literally came over me and God just quietly told me "you need to support your husband".  I called Jessie immediately and told him that I would support him through this.  And after I obeyed the Lord--just like that--my heart changed.

Last month we got to go to his ceremony to be sworn in as an officer.  I am so proud of him!  He has to get 200 hours in as a reserve officer.  He is eager to get started!!  One of the things he said he has been most impressed by is getting to know the people he will serve with.  The other reserve officers, and some of the officers who taught their classes, he said, are so strong in their faith.  He would come home from classes telling me about some of these guys and he was just excited to have the opportunity to work alongside them.  Being in the reserves does open the door for a potential full-time position when the department is ready to hire.  In the meantime, Jessie will serve loyally and enjoy every minute of it, like a little boy living his childhood dream.

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