Friday, June 17, 2011


Our girls have been taking dance together this (school) year.  Abby & Katie know how to play!  They draw and play house or school most of every day.  But in-between, these girls dance!  Music or no music, they will break out into dance at any given time.  Katie (our 3yo) cannot walk from point A to point B without a hop or a twirl or exaggerated hand/arm movements.  It's hilarious!

This is Abby's 2nd year, but the 1st year Katie has been almost old enough, she started at 2 just before her 3rd birthday.  Tonight they had their dress rehearsal for the recital tomorrow.  

All dolled up for their ballet routine

We are not allowed to shoot photography or video during the recital, but we can at the dress rehearsal, so you get a sneak peak. This is their ballet routine to "Tomorrow".  The tap routine (which I will not be uploading for time-sake) is to "Mary Had a Little Lamb".  

I just love how Katie is watching Abby so closely.  It melts my heart!!

So, "Tomorrow" is their recital.  And "Tomorrow" will mark the end of their potential at becoming a professional dancer as we will not be continuing dance next school year.  That is, unless they express that they 'can't live without it'...but neither of them feel that way right now.  Actually, they are both very interested in gymnastics...we shall see.  However, they have learned some basic skills and had a great time together as they attended class each week.  They LOVE their teacher, and have made some great friends.  I too have enjoyed visiting with the other moms each week and making some good friends.  
It has been a fun year.


  1. They did SO great tonight at their recital! I am so proud of them. And now they have their own trophies they are quite proud of. :)

  2. glad to hear they did well at the recital. i still remember dancing when i was 5. i loved it. and i laughed when you said, "tomorrow will end their potential to be professional..." hahaha. i want to be a realistic parent too. : )



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