Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My husband has tried to convince the girls that he is a superhero.  This began almost 2 years ago and has been an ongoing debate.  It started when we were watching "The Invincible's" one evening and Jessie told the girls he was a superhero.  They didn't believe him and had dozens of questions.  Shortly after, he disappeared, and we were all startled as he returned by leaping over the stair rail and somersaulting onto the bed decked out from head to toe in a black ninja costume.  He swore them to secrecy.  But occasionally the questions pop up again, "is daddy a superhero?", "what is his super-power?", "he can't fly".  Abby, our 5 year old, asks most of the questions and is convinced daddy is not a superhero, but she continues to ask questions.  I think it's adorable!

The thing is, he really is a superhero.  One day they will look back and realize that. Their daddy loves the Lord.  He is a fairly quiet man, but his faith is real and settled deep in his heart.  More than anything he loves spending time with his kids.  He is an excellent example of the kind of man our girls should desire to marry one day, and the kind of man Wesley can be for his wife and family.  He and I have a very real relationship, with tiffs and difficult conversations, but we work through things together, trusting the Lord almost every step of the way (I say almost, speaking for myself, because I can respond "in the flesh" sometimes).  We are equally corny and each others best friend!  We have been through some stressful financial struggles these last couple of years, but we stayed in agreement and stayed strong because our marriage is not based on circumstances, but the foundation of our marriage is the Word of God.  Jessie works hard to provide for our family, working 2 jobs, thankfully one of which is at home.  In addition he is pursuing something he has always been passionate about in law enforcement.  He is taking classes 2 nights a week for 4 months so he can volunteer with the local police department, because he has a desire to help people.

See, their daddy is a superhero, he is a SuperDad!

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