Monday, June 6, 2011

Little Entrepreneurs

We had a community yard sale on Saturday.  Our girls got very excited about having their own lemonade stand.  I told them they could keep whatever money they made.  They LOVED that idea!  I said you can save it or use it for something you've been wanting.  Abigail said well, we need to give "Jesus money" too. (That's what they call tithe at Faith Kidz at our church).  I was so proud! :)  So I said yes, you and Katie can give "Jesus money" and you can save the rest.  I asked what she would want to save it to get.  She responded quickly "DISNEY WORLD!".  More excitement followed.  Oh dear...well, this is something Jessie and I have discussed for a while, but their enthusiasm prompted us to start a savings specifically for Disney World. :)  

I have recently been trying to think of ways to show them the value of being a good steward of money and this seems like a great family lesson in saving for something special, rather than giving in to impulsiveness.  

I'm not sure where it came from, but I had some lemonade and 
cups in the pantry, so there was no cost involved in this venture.  So the girls got busy making a sign!  They each drew their own versions of Minnie & Mickey Mouse on their sign.  Abby proceeded to decorate a lipstick shaped bank with a smaller sign which says "Disney World Fund".  They do know that it will take a while to save the money for Disney World, but we figure they will enjoy the journey saving and appreciate the trip even more when we get there, since we as a family worked on it altogether.  Oh, and I should add, they sold their lemonade for .50 cents and made $15.00 in pure profit!  

More Recent Pictures:
Katie (mid-yawn) chilling with her baby brother
Abby & Ava (& Granny) picking strawberries
Katie at the strawberry patch
I hope these girls will be friends forever!!
Abby & Wesley (he's getting soo big!)
Katie & Wesley
Our Three! 
2 Months Old!
Abby's first practice session with no training wheels!!
Birthday Boy!!  I can't believe my little nephew is ONE!!
GREAT picture of Abby with Aunt Amanda!
Katie riding Ethan's pony at the birthday party
Puppy Pancakes by request (and some mickey one's too)


  1. Your little ones' hearts are so sweet. I love how they designated their money for Jesus.

    Love the pictures of the strawberry picking as well. I've never done that {except for when I was young in my parents garden} -- so I think I'll need to take my kids sometime.

    Have a blessed Monday!

  2. wonderful photos. i've always wanted to set up a lemonade stand but my boys never seem interested. one day....berry picking is always so much fun!



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