Friday, July 8, 2011

My Favorite Things

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My girls are pretty shy.  They are coming out of it, but still have their moments.  This moment cracked us up!

On stage accepting their trophies at their dance recital, Katie (far right) refused to turn around and face the audience.  (Abby is on the left)

Everyone was seated for over half an hour and she stood firm.

The ENTIRE time! haha

I just love my baby boy and he sure loves bath time!!  

He's got his thumb. And one of his sisters put that plush zebra on his arm like a bracelet. :)

Oh say did you see...this precious face on the 4th of July. :)

Jessie told me later how good he felt when Wesley was unhappy and he immediately calmed down when he held him.  I'm glad he can be soothed by someone other than me.

My three sweethearts!!!

Abby (my 5yo) took pictures of the firework display and got a few good ones.  I just love curling up with my family (and friends) at the park each year watching the firework display.  It's a special tradition!

At the aquarium, my girls timidly approached the giant tank looking for sharks..holding hands..makes a mommy proud to see their kids love each other so much.

Sweet friends are such a blessing and I'm thankful to have a few in my life. (Abby took this picture)

My nephew Ethan is going to be a big brother!!

Silly faces!

Today was a fun day that I would call a favorite.  My husband made us breakfast and we all went to the pool.  We had the pool all to ourselves!  Wesley took a nap in his pop-up tent and we swam and enjoyed ourselves.  The rest of the day was business as usual, but what a special start to a normal day.  

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  1. Such sweet pictures. I love the ones of your daughter refusing to turn around -- reminds of years ago when my big girls were little and on stage. Precious photos for a precious memory.

    Have a blessed night!

    And thank you for linking up with {friday} favorites.




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