Monday, July 11, 2011


This morning I asked my husband if I could borrow his nose-hair trimmer.  He didn't seem amused.  Our husbands like to see us well-kept, but don't really like to know how we got that way--they just like to see the complete package.  So in any case, I am here to confess today that I like this little device.  I originally bought it as a stocking stuffer kinda gag gift for my husband a few years ago.  But I have come to realize it is a rather useful little tool.  Not to gross you out, but every few months, you just take the little trimmer and zip away the little visible hairs just inside the nose.  

I am not a fan of waxing--at all.  I had my legs waxed before my wedding 8 years ago and although I went through with it, I knew then that it was a one-time thing (cost has a little bit to do with that decision).  Facial waxing is out of the question for me as well.  I have a little OCD when it comes to my eyebrows and I don't want mis-shapened brows because of someone else's shakey hand.  I pluck! There I said it--I pluck and I'm proud of it!  It's not so bad if you maintain.  So what does this have to do with the nose-hair trimmer you ask?  Well, nicely groomed eyebrows should also be trimmed, but not excessively. I keep an old toothbrush in my make-up bag to comb my eyebrows up and any stray (too long hairs) get a little zip from the trimmer. Then when you brush the eyebrows in their natural direction they look even and not bushy.  A new discovery is that of the little attachment to the nosehair trimmer.  I was scared at first, but it's basically like the guard guys use to buzz their heads.  Use the longer side of this guard and then comb it along your eyebrows and the excess length is trimmed off effortlessly.  Just don't go too short!!  However, I still prefer the first method.

So, this is my little secret obsession.  I hope you find this to be more helpful than it is repulsive.  

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