Friday, February 10, 2012

The Doting Aunt

The most exciting thing about the Superbowl for me this year was getting together with my family!  My sister and her family have only a few more months here with us before they move on to their next assignment as a military family.  We have been so blessed to have them here so long! And I am so grateful that the timing worked out so we could be there for the birth of their 2nd baby boy.  

Levi Armstrong Thomasson 10lb 12oz February 9, 2012
Our precious little nephew was 6 days past his due date, and was apparently just waiting on his cue from mommy to come out and join us.  It didn't take much encouragement...she was such a champ!

Mommy and Baby

Wouldn't you say she looks amazing!  Especially after delivering this little armful.  I'm sure she'll disclose the full story as only a Mom can, if you want to follow her:  Smiling Faces Beautiful Places.

Beautiful Family
And baby makes 4.  They have an exuberant 20 month old little boy Ethan.  He says "Levi" and "baby", but I don't think he quite understands that this baby is coming home with him, and will change his little world forever--in a good way!

He's such a cutie!!  And he will lead the way for his baby brother in adventure and fun.  He will be such a great big brother and a little helper for mommy and daddy.  Love him!

And my little bundle of fun will have so much fun with his cousins whenever we visit them in their next assignment.  I can just see the 3 boys all grown up, trenching through the yard, building forts, getting filthy dirty and having a blast!  My girls are so excited about their new baby cousin!  I know they will all be Skype buddies and thanks to modern technology stay close no matter where we all are.  

I linked up with Rachel from Finding Joy.
I should also mention that I saved several of these pics from my sister--"stole" is such a harsh word. ;)  
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