Saturday, February 4, 2012

10 things I LOVE about you

Wesley, you are getting SO big!  In fact, I think you grew even more last night because this morning you looked even bigger.  Today you are 10 months old.  Just a blink away from turning 1 year old.  I just re-read your update I wrote when you were 7 months old, and I am so glad I wrote it, because just as I suspected it seems like ages ago that you would lay in one place and coo and "grunt" contentedly.  My how time flies so quickly.
HE doesn't take a bad picture,
but obviously Mommy's  phone does

  1. You are so sweet Wesley!  You wake up from your naps and bedtime excited to see me and peaking past me to see if your sisters are right behind me, as they usually are.  
  2. You are tough, "all boy" they say.  If you happen to fall, you roll out of it and try again.  Climbing up stairs, cruising around furniture, and trying to get into Marley's cage, you are quite determined.
  3. You are growing up so fast!  I know I said that already, but were crawling before you were 8 months old and now you are standing--bravely letting go--and standing longer each time you practice.  You're moving around furniture like a champ!  And you are about to bust out of those 9 months clothes, filling the 12 months quite comfortably.
  4. There is no doubt in my mind that you will play sports when you are bigger.  Your legs are solid big guy!  The first time we rolled a little ball to you, you rolled it right back consistently.  When everything else gets a courtesy chew and christened with drool, it's like you know how to play with a ball.  Yep, all boy! Mommy & Daddy are proud. ;)  Even when I peaked into your crib last night, you had a toy baseball curled in your hand.
  5. I love your laugh!  Mommy can make you laugh the best!  My favorite play time is after we put the girls to bed and you have your last's just me & you and we play and play!  All I have to say is "I'm gonna get you" and you freeze until I get ya and you cackle and belly laugh.  
  6. Your smile can make anyone feel better!  The grandparents ache for it, I just know it.  We all love your big happy face and all that it entails--pure joy at the sight of someone you love!
  7. You adore your daddy!  After your early morning feedings you look for him in our bed and tackle him until he wakes up to play with you.  If mommy is feeding you and daddy is around, you always stop and give daddy a smile.  He is the only one who you will "high five".  And playtime with daddy is just FUN, playing tackle and climbing all over guys are going to have so much fun once you're really running around!  
  8. You are so patient with your sisters!  You have been abundantly blessed with extra mommy's in the house and you tolerate it well.  They adore you and thankfully you don't mind one bit.  You get carried and toted around like a doll baby and you're so chill about just plop wherever they put you and keep on going to the next thing in reach that you can chew on.  
  9. I am grateful that you are an excellent sleeper!  Unless you are not feeling well, you always grace mommy with a full nights sleep.  I wish I could say I knew the secret to make a baby sleep through the night, I could make millions--or at least help a lot of my mommy friends with some tips.
  10. I love knowing that all of these great qualities about you will be the foundation for the type of man you will be one day.  You are strong, gentle, loving, fun and I believe you will be a great leader!  My prayer over you sweet boy is that your heart will be rooted so deep in God's Word that it will overflow and be evident in every area of your life.  I believe that your sweet nature and strong countenance will gain you favor when you're grown, to minister to people who might otherwise never accept the Love of Jesus in their lives.  You have a divine purpose Wesley!  
                                                                                         I love you sweet boy!

Pirate treasure, or as daddy said "baby booty"

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  1. So handsome and incredibly sweet! We love you, Wesley, and I agree with your mommy-- God is going to use you just the way He made in amazing ways!!!



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