Monday, May 23, 2011

Katie Bootie

We have lots of playful nicknames for Katelyn.  Katie, Katie Bug, Katie Cat, Kate....  But she started this thing a while back where she will say “I love you Mommy Bootie” and I say “I love you Katie Bootie”.  It has stuck, and I must say I love it!! 

Tomorrow morning my Katie Bootie is having surgery, tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy.  She has really large tonsils and adenoids.  Her tonsils are about the size of walnuts and cause coughing, snoring, ear infections, strep, difficulty eating certain foods, as well as speech and hearing issues.  You wouldn't know it bothered her to see her.  She is a perfectly healthy and happy child, but with recent strep and recurring ear infections as well as the cough (from the tonsils touching the uvula), it has become necessary.  This surgery is a good thing!  She is really glad the doctor is taking them out.  I am too, I have just had a hard time preparing myself mentally for the recovery process.  I’m praying that not only the surgery, but the recovery goes well.  I don’t want my little girl to be in pain…I can’t stand the thought of it.  I have stocked the fridge and freezer with lots of fruit and yogurt for smoothies, the pantry with oatmeal and mac-n-cheese and other soft foods.  I have no doubt that she will bounce back in no time.

The other struggle I had to come to terms with is not being with her during the surgery.  I have been a part of everything my children have done in their lives to date.  When Abby was in the NICU at 1 week old for jaundice, I held and soothed her while they searched and poked trying to get a vein for an IV, and poked to check her blood levels like 30 times.  When Katie was in the hospital at 1 week old for the same thing, I followed the nurses to hold and sooth Katie for her IV.  I even accompanied my son Wesley at the hospital for his circumcision.  I have been there for everything to date.  Now, I have to wait…I have to let her go into the care of a capable surgeon and nurses…and wait.  It’s a routine procedure, so I’m not worried for her safety; I know that God is in control. What I have realized today is, this may be the first time I have truly had to say, “Ok God, she’s all yours” and simply trust Him that He is going to take care of her.  And I know He will, because He loves her even more than I do.

She told me today “when I get better I want to be a teacher and a doctor and help other kids get better.”  I'm not sure why she said that or where it came from.  So, I said “you can do that--that would be great!--do you think that’s what God wants you to do?”  She just looked at me.  So I asked, “what do you think God wants you to do?”  She said, “God wants me to play soccer.”  I asked what else does He want you to do and she said “God wants me to be a teacher and a doctor, and go to college.  And God wants me to play soccer.”  I can’t wait to see what He does have for her to do in her life with her compassion and enthusiasm…she will accomplish great things!!

Here are some pictures I pulled as I was reminiscing through my albums:
Her baby brother looks so much like her!


  1. Cute pictures! Praying for Katie and you.

  2. Love this! Katie and wesley's baby pictures are identical!



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