Friday, May 27, 2011

Update on my 3 little ones

Wesley is 7 1/2 weeks old now.  He hasn't had his 2 month check up yet, but when I weigh the difference on the scale with and without him (we won't talk about without him) he is a whopping 14 pounds!  He's long enough to balance it out so he doesn't look like a butterball turkey.

Katelyn, as you know from my most recent blog, had surgery on Monday.  She had her tonsils and adenoids removed.  She was so brave!  I was the first one in the recovery room.  They let me climb up on the bed and cuddle with her...she was pretty upset and a little fuzzy from the anesthesia.  The doctor said that her tonsils were so infected that they fell apart when he removed them!!  And her adenoids were very large too.  Despite their "rules" they let Jessie bring Abby back (Wesley was in my arms when I went back) so we could all be with her.  Katie loves her dad so much!  When she's upset, she'll let me know, but he's the one she wants to hold her.  I took her home and she laid down for all of maybe 5-10 minutes, then she got up and played the rest of the day away as if nothing happened and ate everything we gave her.  I know now that day 1 is referred to as "honeymoon day".
Trying to balance on top of the sit-n-spin

"I didn't lose my twirl" ~Katie
That night was a different story.  She woke me up at 1:30am, her head burning up with fever (I gave her medicine, prayed over her, and a cold rag)..and she cuddled in bed by her daddy.  At 4:30am she woke me up hot all over, so I took her to the tub to cool her down and more medicine.  PS: Wesley woke up both times to eat right after I got her settled down.  The next few days we had a difficult time getting her to eat and were happy if she had 2 spoonfuls of ice cream.  Today, she is much better...eating and playing and almost back to her normal self.  The most difficult thing for us now is tolerating the rancid smell from the healing wounds in her throat, but we don't tell her that.  I know she's hurting and not telling me because she doesn't like the medicine...because she let it slip that her head and throat hurt.  (Administering her meds has been a battle.)  However, she is definitely on the better side of recovery!  Thank you all for your prayers!!

Abigail is such a great kid!  Since Wesley came she has been a great helper, soothing him when I'm busy and making my way to him for his feedings. And she has been playing so great with Katie--which she does anyway, but it's still a great help to me that they play so well together.  Since Katie has had a lot of special treatment this week, eating whatever she wants and getting a few "get well" gifts, it has been a little tough for Abby to understand.  So, there have been a couple times that I gave her ice cream in the middle of the day too.  Today was Abby's last day of pre-school.  She finished K-4 and loved every minute of it!  She's putting all she has learned to work and has been sounding out words. It takes a lot of patience, but when she gets it, it is so neat to see her face light up understanding what she just read, "The box is big.  The fox is not big.  The fox is in the box"!!  I'm SO proud of her.
First day of school Aug 2010
My little Squaw at the Thanksgiving Feast
Christmas Program 2010
Easter Party at the Park 2011
Abby and her friend Lindsey at Cypress Gardens field trip 2011
Abby is a natural "mommy" with her baby brother
My Beautiful Abigail!

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