Monday, May 30, 2011

Precious Moments

I know that nursing isn't for everyone, but it is definitely for me.  I have had the joy and privelege of being able to nurse all of my children.  I set a goal for a year with each child.  I nursed my first child Abigail for 15 months, and Katelyn for 11 months.  And now I am nursing my 8 week old son Wesley.  The only time he really cries is when it is time to eat and I can't get to him in time because we are in the car, or I am finishing dinner, or making the girls lunches.  At those times, now that I am nursing child #3, the thought has crossed my mind on occasion, how convenient it would be to prop a bottle where he sits and keep going.  But then I would miss out on this:

A few reasons I enjoy nursing:
  1. Nursing a child is such a special bonding time between the mom & baby.  The baby needs that closeness with his or her mother.  And I truly believe that the mom needs that time too.
  2. It is a time for the mom to stop everything she's doing to breastfeed for 20 minutes or so, and in doing so she is taking time for herself to rest, because we all know that whether you have 1 child or more we often put times of rest last (if anywhere) on the list of daily tasks.
  3. Supposedly it helps with weight loss, but I have yet to find that to be true for myself. :)
  4. To look down and see those big eyes looking up at you with satisfaction and admiration is absolutely priceless.  Which brings me to my take home message.

  With Wesley, I have been a little more sentimental.  I know that he will likely be the last baby to complete our family and even more than before I am trying to cherish every moment.  When I look at his dark eyes I can see my reflection in his pupils.  It's the sweetest thing because I can actually see that he is captivated with me, his mother, his source for sustenance and comfort.  Each time it makes me think of how our Heavenly Father looks at us.  He is our source. He is our strength and our comfort.  Does He see His reflection in my eyes when He looks at me?  What am I focused on?

There is a song that I have been singing to myself for several days now.  It is by an old acquaintance, Laura Story, and when I sing the lyrics it's like my own heart pouring out to the Lord.  It's a song of humility and God's "Grace".  It's the second verse and chorus that I really relate to.  It reminds me of the blog I shared with you not too long ago "I'm Tired of Pretending Like I'm not Special".  No matter how many times we fall short, He is always willing to forgive because He loves us unconditionally, and "as long as we're seeking His face" His grace will abound in our life.  So if you have children young or old  in your life, as you look at them today, think about how the Lord is looking at you with just as much hope and love.  Does He see His reflection is your eyes?

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  1. wow! Becka! loved this! made me really think!



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