Tuesday, March 1, 2011

miscellany monday

Today was early registration for current students at Abby's school.  I dropped Abby off this morning thinking I would run into the office to register her for next year.  To my surprise the parking lot was packed and the gymnasium was swarming with parents!  I walked forward to a sign up sheet where I signed my name next to number 64!!  Parents had been there since as early as 3:30am.  Needless to say, I missed the 1st 18 slots for her K-5 class and am now #2 on the waiting list.

I love when the Bradford Pear trees bloom, but my goodness am I the only one who thinks they reek like fish guts!!

We recently purchased a used minivan.  It doesn't have hidden storage or buttons to make doors open automatically, but I am loving it!  Our girls have been sitting in the back row, which I built up to be a privilege for big girls who could buckle themselves in their booster seats. :)  It will really allow room for the new baby in the more reachable middle seat when he arrives.

Wesley will be here via c-section 5 weeks from today.  We are taking the girls tomorrow night for a sibling tour of the hospital nursery and a short class to talk to them about the new baby.  They get to bring their own baby dolls for the demonstration.  It should be fun!

Today is my spiritual birthday!  I asked Jesus to come into my heart at the age of 4....20+ years ago.  Ok, 29 years ago, yikes!  I remember praying with my dad when he came home that day because I wanted Jesus in my heart.  Of course, in my memory it was dark, as most of my early childhood memories are--except for a lamp nearby.  I remember thinking at times that I didn't have a testimony because I was saved before I actually went through anything.  In fact, I have sometimes found myself a teensy bit envious of those who "have a testimony", who are madly in love with their Savior because of what He has brought them through, who are zealous and hungry for the Word of God because they have never heard these things before.  But praise God--He saved me from having to go through those things!  The core if my heart is focused on a relationship that started with Jesus Christ at the age of 4.  You might assume that after 29 years of being a born again believer that I would have it all together spiritually.  But that is not the case--at all!  Do I take the Word of God for granted at times? Yes.  Do I mess up?  Most definitely.  But thank God that His mercy is new every single morning! [Lamentations 3:22-23]

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