Saturday, March 26, 2011


Spring is definitely in the air!  Granted it is a bit hazy with pollen, but the plants are budding new growth, neighbors are working in their yards, and this mommy is getting ready for her baby boy.  I have been tying up loose ends with business stuff, tackling unfinished projects, and cleaning everything from the toilets, fridge and  stove--not in that order.  Nesting is definitely underway in preparation for our precious son.  However, I am not the only one at our residence preparing for the arrival of little ones...

We have a mallard couple who chose our home to safely hide their nest.  When we fist discovered the nest there were three eggs, and the momma mallard is adding 1-2 eggs to her offspring daily.  We are now up to 8 eggs!   

Watching & waiting to make sure all is clear for the momma to return to her nest.
It is so fascinating to watch their routine for the momma's trip to her nest each day.  They come up from the water and the daddy mallard stands watch (in our backyard) while the momma VERY slowly makes her way to our front yard where she has hidden her nest.  As people pass by she will lay flat with her head stretched flat on the ground so she is undetected by predators.  If she feels unsafe at all she returns to the water with the male, or I have seen him call her off and they return to the water together.  They are strategically paranoid.

The beautiful daddy mallard.

Momma Mallard waiting near her nest.

8 eggs as of today, tucked away in a safe place.
Our family is having fun watching the little mallard family grow.  It doesn't trump the fact that we are having a new baby of our own in a little over a week, but it is still very exciting.  Our girls have enjoyed carefully peaking and counting the eggs every day.  We love our little mallard family that has adopted our residence!

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  1. that is so sweet! and what cool timing-- both your families growing! wonder how many boys they are having...:) we are SO excited for little Wesley's arrival! i think it's finally starting to hit me that there's going to be a new little one SOON!!!



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