Friday, March 4, 2011

30 Days

In 30 days I will be holding my little man in my arms.  He'll be swaddled by the nurses so tight that he looks like he's all baby head.  I'll be able to relax for a few days: no computer, our girls with my parents, and a nurse who (if I prefer) will bring the baby to me when he needs to eat and take him back to the nursery so she can take care of any diapers or nighttime tears.  Hospital Bliss!

Abby & Katie riding the hospital bed.
This past Tuesday, Jessie and I took the girls to the hospital where we will have Wesley.  A labor & deliver nurse moderated a sibling class & tour.  There were about a dozen children participating.  It was a really cute way to prepare the older siblings for their role and what to expect out of the new baby--which they narrowed down to crying, eating, and burping.  They had "circle time" where the nurse went around the circle asking them if they were having a boy or girl, what kinds of things are in the babies room, etc.  They had snack time and watched a video.  The children all brought their own dolls or stuffed animals from home.  After the video they each got to diaper their babies and swaddle them with a receiving blanket.  We then proceeded to the tour of the labor and delivery floor.  The kids got to peak in the nursery window looking for any new babies.  We spent some time in a delivery room where the nurse allowed the kids to "ride the bed"!  She did explain that they would not be able to when they come back with mommy.  She raised it all the way up then down like a "flying carpet".  I won't be spending any time in one of these beautiful rooms since I will be having a c-section, but they are really nice!  We then went to see a postpartum room, which is where I will have my mini-vaca with Jessie after we have Wesley.  I'm serious!  This is the calm before reality of bringing the new little one home. Only a mom of at least 1 can truly appreciate this hospital time.

We're actually very excited about bringing Wesley home.  The girls are super-excited about their baby brother too.   They will give me a kiss, then kiss my belly.  Abby will say "I love you baby" to my belly.  They are going to be such sweet big sisters and great helpers.  Tonight they helped me work in the nursery a little bit.  I have yet to set up the crib, paint or any "fun" decorative stuff.  That is a project I hope we will get to this weekend; then I will really feel ready to bring our baby home.  We have a lot of creative ideas for his room!  I can't wait to share pictures of the progress as it unfolds.

30 days....30 days and counting.  I cannot wait to see Wesley's little face...his little fingers. To experience that love that expands from somewhere deep within.  To see my husband in a new light as he cuddles our new baby.  To see Katie as a big sister for the very first time.  And to see Abby adoring and proud and a little more secure in her role as the oldest child--she's VERY good at it!  I cannot wait to be a family of 5!

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