Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Like so many others, I have entered contests and "liked" company Facebook pages for giveaways to no avail.  Just last night I was talking to some ladies about that very thing and saying that sadly "I never win" these contests.  Well, imagine my excitement when I logged into Facebook today to see my name as the winner of a JJ Cole diaper bag!  They were running a promotion to reach 6,000 fans by March 22nd in order to give away one of their fabulous diaper bags: their new System 180 Bag. 

JJ Cole Collections System 180 Bag
And as owner of my own embroidery business, Bold Impressions (shameless plug), you know I totally plan to embroider my son's name on this bag!  

The contest is still on if you want to win a fashionable JJ Cole bag of your own.  Following the success of this promotion, they have issued a new goal of 7,000 Facebook Fans by Tuesday, April 5th and they will give away 3 of their Mode Totes.  I am just so excited about my win that I wanted to share with you all.  I hope that you can come back and tell me that you won one of the Mode Totes.  They are super cute too!!


  1. That's awesome!!! Take THAT Charlie Sheen.
    Who's a winner now? Hm?
    That's right.
    I hope you post the final bag with Mr. Wesley's name on it so we can see!

  2. I can totally see you karate chopping at the computer screen as you write this--Ben Stiller/Meet the Parents style! :) I will definitely post a picture of the bag embroidered!



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